(1972, Nyamhondora Village, Guruve, Zimbabwe)

Last Mahwahwa is a sculptor belonging to the Zezuru tribe, with an elephant totem. After he completed his education, he learned from a friend about sculpting at Tengenenge Art Communtity and decided to learn how to sculpt. He would create his sculptures in his home village and put them on show at Tengenenge. By 1992, he transported his art works for show at Chapungu Art Gallery in Harare.
in 1995 he moved to Tengenenge where he began creating a pangolin. He mastered its complicated exterior texture and creates movement in its form through his S shaped curvature. He also has explored Mother and Child themes in his artworks, in honour and appreciation of his own mother.
Much of Last’s work is deeply spiritual, honouring past ancestral traditions.

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