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(1969, Chiweshe Mashonaland, Zimbabwe)

Shepard Deve says he has always been an artist at heart. As a child in Mashonaland (central Zimbabwe), he lived in a rural area, so there were no opportunities to take art lessons. However, he was so determined, he taught himself how to draw and was inspired by surrounding nature and animals. As an adult, Shepard worked at a textile factory, however, a workplace accident and his company’s economic downturns left him reconsidering his life direction. Shepard returned to his passion: art. His wife worked at Chitungwiza Arts Centre and he began to sculpt there in 2007 and never looked back.
Today, in Chitungwiza, Shepard creates various wildlife sculptures, his favourites are species of fish and birds indigenous to Zimbabwe.. He also experiments with abstract styles, many with universal themes of love, peace and harmony.

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