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(1977 Nyanga, Zimbabwe)

From an early age, Tonderai showed an inclination towards sculpting – some of his brothers are also sculptors. Following his education, he began to sculpt under the tutelage of Gideon Nyanhongo. For the next few years, Tonderai learned the fundamentals of stone carving, and developed his own individual style. He works mostly in Springstone but occasionally creates artworks in Lemon Opal.
Much of his artwork is figurative with a distinct, modern style. Expressive lines are very minimal - reduced to only what is essential. He enjoys depicting people he meets every day, often figures from traditional Shona culture, and there is feeling of reverence in each. Each sculpture represents an individual character or mood- some are defiant and impatient, some pleasing or coy and some are graceful and dignified.
His work has been sold in many group exhibitions throughout Europe, Japan, Africa and North America since the 1990s. Because of his international exposure and his expertise, Tonderai’s artworks are highly sought after. His style is so special that he was commissioned by the Zimbabwe International Film Festival to design their film awards.

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