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(1981, Tengenenge, Zimbabwe)

Trymore Ferenando grew up on a farm in Tengenenge. His father, Biriyo, is a sculptor working at Tengenenge Arts Community was originally from Mozambique, belonging to the Marunga totem of the Chikunda tribe. During his secondary education, Trymore studied graphics and fashion textile and after completing his O-levels, began to learn how to sculpt in stone. Trymore first worked as an apprentice for his father, who sculpts elephants. His work evolved and he tried various subject matter, like African Queens, Resting Birds or Moon Ladies. Trymore’s work is highly abstracted, reducing shapes down to their most essential features, as one sees in his green opal elephant. He experiments with varieties of stone but prefers to work in Springstone. His work is shown internationally and locally at Tengenenge Arts Community.

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