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(1969, Mudzi Mutoko, Zimbabwe)

Winnet Chikazi makes up one of the small, yet growing numbers of female sculptors in Zimbabwe. She started working in stone, as an apprentice to her husband, sculptor Philemon Jehure. After he passed away in 1997, Winnet, a now single mother of four, decided to use her technical sculpting skills to explore her own creative abilities.
Winnet was further taught by artist Paddington Rusere and she found her visual voice. Her sculptures of mostly locally sourced stone, depict birds, like guinea fowl and owls. She appreciates the peaceful balance they offer to her life. She also sculpts caterpillars, which she celebrates for their contribution to nature’s harvest.
Winnet exhibited her work at the 2006 African Millennium Foundation Exhibition in Chitungwiza Arts Centre and this gave her the critical exposure she needed to market her work abroad. Today she supports her family working as a full time artist, and looks forward to more opportunities to inspire others. Her art is currently on show in South Africa, the United Kingdom and North America.

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