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An up and coming artist from Zimbabwe is youthful visual artist Abishebah Chidawu. His fine art and sculpture training comes from Chitungwiza Arts Centre under the tutelage of renowned artist James Chidawu. The majority of his work focuses on the depiction of animals, specifically birds species like herons and various fishes, like sharks.
Through his artworks, he seeks to draw the world’s attention to the importance of wildlife conservation and the prevention of animal cruelty.
Chidawu says: “Our wild animals are becoming scarce and through my art, I wish to tell the world to prevent any form of cruelty against animals.”
With limited means for electrical tools, he sculpts by hand, out of locally sourced stone, his elegant herons – one of his favourite subjects: “Herons have long legs, long necks and are freshwater and coastal birds in the family Ardeidae which has sixty-four recognised species worldwide.

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