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1935, Guruve District, Zimbabwe

Edward Chiwawa began sculpting in 1970 in Guruve, from where he brought his sculptures to The Artist Community Tengenenge to be exhibited and sold from there. Form there he became one of the First generation masters of Zimbabwean sculpture.
Knowing Henry Munyaradzi (he is his uncle) and working closely together with him, he developed his own distinct style, where the human face is presented very minimalistic, two concentric circles for eyes, eyebrows that are marked by a single half-circle pointing upwards, and a single line for the mouth.
This physiognomy is concentrated in his famous moon heads and sun heads - circular and smoothly rounded stones with a face, either with no line at the circumference, depicting a moon, or with a circular line near the edge; and then it is a sun head. The combination of these eternal symbols of life and death, night and day, with human expressions minimized is Edward Chiwawa's most brilliant and original contribution to the art of the Master Sculptors of Zimbabwe.
Edward is a man of humour, he likes to joke, and always with a twinkle in his vivid eye.
Edward Chiwawa lives in Waterfalls, a suburb of the Zimbabwe capital Harare.

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