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1974, Mvurwi, Zimbabwe

Jonothan grew up and was educated in Mvurwi. In 1989, Jonothan's good friend Square Chikwanda asked him if he would like to come to Tenegenenge sculpture village to try his hand at stone carving. Jonothan agreed and spent six months there learning the basics under Square Chikwanda. He then decided that rural life was not for him and he moved to Harare. It was there that he worked under the tutelage of the late Joseph Ndandarika at the Kentucky Hotel. It was a formative period for the young Jonothan who was taught a great deal by the masterful Ndandarika. His influence can still be seen in Jonathan's work in such aspects as composition, composure of expression and fluidity of line.
When Ndandarika passed away in 1991, Jonothan move to Hatfield and began to work solo. In 1997 he joined Chapungu Sculpture Park on the artists’ residency program. He is undoubtedly one of the major young talents of Zimbabwean stone sculpture. He is preceded by the likes of Benhura and Supini but is consolidating his position daily. His work can be seen as classical within the Zimbabwean context, as he attempts to give form to his past. An exciting, if not erotic factor in Jonathan's work is the theme of sexual relations between man and woman, in all their phases. His book reader series has also received wide acclaim and is an area he is currently exploring.

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