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(1976, Harare, Zimbabwe)

For four years, Maganiso Vissensio live with his grandmother in the country of Malawi. His grandmother spent most of her time making clay pots which inspired Maganiso to make his own clay figures and animals. In 1990, Maganiso returned to Zimbabwe and learned how to carve in stone. Without any means to buy tools to carve with, he used his father’s nails as a punch and a stone for a hammer. By 1991, he was learning the basics of sculpting at Silveira House, a mission based just outside Harare that helps people become self-reliant through learning crafts and sculpting. In 1992, he became one of Jonathan Gutsa’s apprentices and in time, was able to work as an independent artist. His work was first shown at a group exhibition at the National Gallery in 1994, which gave him further drive and determination to continue sculpting. He founded the Mavambo Project in 1996 with consisted of a group of young, talented artists working in visual and performing arts. Maga’s work is creative, whimsical and fun, like him.

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