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(1978, Guruve, Zimbabwe)

Panashe Wadawareva creates sculptures of birds that are highly sought after for their contemporary approach and expert execution. Many of his sculptures are that of cormorants, also known as rain birds, for their ability to predict rain. He thematically explores love, unity and peace through form.
Raised in Guruve, he was surrounded by an artistic community of well-known first and second generation sculptors in Zimbabwe including his uncle Bernard Matemera, He began sculpting in 1991 while still a secondary student and by 2000 was an apprentice to Maganiso Vissensio in Harare. He developed his own style of artwork and by 2005, went overseas conducting workshops and exhibitions in the Netherlands. He continues to show his work locally and abroad.
He is a member of Tafara Mabvuku Arts Association (TMAA) and enjoys teaching and sharing his African cultural traditions and art knowledge with others, including younger generations of sculptors.

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