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1975, Guruve, Zimbabwe

Passmore’s father passed away during his final school examinations and he quickly realized that he would have to assume the mantle of providing for his family. Initially, Passmore sculpted and carved various utilitarian objects out of wood under the tutelage of Sadman Nyamhondora, Passmore created items such as salad bowls, and bread boards, slowly developing his technical ability to carve.
In 1998 Passmore visited Tengenenge Arts Community, to see if Tom Bloomfield, an integral patron of Zimbabwean sculpture, would be interested in his work. Tom suggested to Passmore that he try and create his art with stone. This propelled his involvement within the ever-evolving arts community alongside his brother-in-law Alexander Makaki. It was not long before Passmore became a full-time artist living in Tengenenge Art Community.
Passmore sculpts his observations of a birds and other animals and he often integrates various themes and finishes in to one artwork. His sculptures of birds, particularly Guinea Fowls and Humming Birds, show them in various stages of flight or in social engagement.
Passmore's work has been exhibited in several countries including France, Holland, South Africa, Germany and Denmark and he is widely travelled himself and participated in many group exhibitions.

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