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(1980, Chitungwiza, Zimbabwe)

While completing his O – levels in high school, Rufaro expressed a desire to learn how to sculpt and was lucky enough to be able to apprentice for sculptor Joe Mutasa at Chapungu Sculpture Park. There, he saw great works by Tapfuma Gutsa, Eddie Masaya and world renowned sculptor, Nicholas Mukomberanwa, all who were working in granite at the time. Rufaro attended a granite sculpting workshop as a result, so he too could take on its challenges. Granite can difficult to sculpt as it is extremely hard compared to other stone. As Rufaro developed his style, he had the opportunity to travel to Belgium, where he exhibited alongside of Joe Mutasa, and since this international exposure, his sculpture has been shown around the world through group exhibitions. Today, he works from Chitungwiza Art Centre as a full time artist.

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