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(Chapeyama Village, Mokosa Motoko, Zimbabwe)

Stanford Derere was born in a rural area of Zimbabwe, and he was artistic from an early age. Over the years, he studied art both formally and informally, where he learned how to screen print and paint before learning how to sculpt. He is a keen bird watcher,and he sculpts his observations of a bird’s daily habits. His sculptures of birds, particularly swifts,show them in various stages of flight–he often integrates several birds in one artwork, emphasizing their rhythms and motions. His smooth sculpting style is elegantly minimalistic and modern. His assemblages of stone, wood and metal skillfully balance strength with delicacy.He has been working as a professional artist for over thirty years and is an internationally recognized sculptor.His work has been featured annually in exhibitions and workshops in the United Kingdom, Denmark, the Netherlands, Germany, South Africa and North America to name a few.

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