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(Chitunguiza, Zimbabwe)

Tauri Mupaso is fondly known as the “Owl Man” within the arts community of Chitunguiza. Owls , however, as a subject matter for sculpture, are somewhat problematic. An owls’ nocturnal and predatory nature plus cultural associations with the supernatural, make them highly unlikeable creatures within Zimbabwean culture. However, Taurai’s owl sculptures address this negative traditional perception with a more contemporary, open, light-hearted interpretation. Taurai shifts perceptions by sculpting them into whimsical, quirky, characters. He works from locally sourced stone, called Springstone, and often honours the rough, natural textures and colours of the stone by leaving some areas raw and unworked. Then he adds stippled textures or polished surfaces which render joyful, almost-comical owl characters.
Taurai exhibits his work at Chitungwiza Arts Centre and received awards in their adjudicated shows.

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