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(1985, Tengenenge, Zimbabwe)

Tichoana Mushonga comes from a successful lineage - his father is David Mushonga,(1953), a well-known First Generation sculptor whose work has been highly praised, collected and exhibited internationally. Clearly inspired by his father, Tichoana left his formal education early to learn how to sculpt from his father and work as his apprentice. He initially produced small sculptures and showed them alongside his father’s creations. Tichoana’s small sculptures caught the eye of Tendai Musonza, who encouraged Tichoana to continue a full-time sculpture career. Pleased by this positive feedback, his father continued to mentor Tichoana, teaching more technical skills. Unlike his father’s stylised figurative work, Tendai creates abstract works from Springstone, whose forms are minimalistic with an emphasis on elegant linear movement. His work is often inspired by animals and his surrounding landscape. Tichoana’s work has been exhibited extensively in Germany and the Netherlands and he has also conducted sculpture workshops.

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