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1981 Guruve, Zimbabwe

Try Gora was born on May 23, 1981, into a family of two children. He finished his primary school education at Chipangura Primary School in Guruve when he was 13 years old. This was his first introduction to the world of stone sculpture. He spent a lot of time in the mines at Gavazi Art Centre along the Great Dyke, where he met other artists, notably Kudakwashe kamuni, a third-generation sculptor who encouraged him to start sculpting tiny works. He continued with his education and proceeded to high school from 1994-1998. He then worked as a general hand for Mvuwri Town Council. Try, who was born an artist, returned to the Gavazi art center. He began his career as an assistant to his instructor, Gerald Mugavazi. He was his tutor and taught him the fundamentals of sculpture. A few years later, he launched his solo career at the Artist to Artist art center, where he met Tutani Mugavazi and Benjamin Musendami. Try and Tutani founded the Marovadombo Art Gallery alongside Enkosi Madzivire and Knowledge Manuel, creating a platform for diverse artists to exhibit their work. The center drew artists from all walks of life, necessitating the need for a larger facility. Try and ten other artists founded the Mvuwri Art Centre. Try doubles in the abstract; his work is heavily influenced by nature, particularly trees, aquatic creatures, birds, and animals. His art needs a keen eye to understand its significance.

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