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(1995, Chitungwiza, Zimbabwe)

Vimbai Mupariwa is an emerging, successful female sculptor in Zimbabwe, in a rather male dominated business. She is an undergraduate student at Chinhoyi University of Technology (CUT) in Mashonaland working towards an Honours Degree in Visual Communication and Multimedia Design. She began working as sculptor after studying Zimbabwean contemporary art. While Vimbai finds self-expression through stone, she had explored different art media for exhibitions, including functional art and art installations. She says the main thrust of her work is to challenge, or even rebel against conventional approaches to art.
She learned her sculpting techniques from artist Timothy Gwaravaza and works in a variety of locally sourced stones including Springstone, Fruit Serpentine and both Green and White Opal. She has participated in several local and international exhibitions from 2018 to 2021.

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